Friday, July 5, 2013

Rock Where Henrich Evensen's Ship Sank

According to the photo, "This is the rock that Capt. Henrich Evenson's ship hit and sank."

Photo of Ship Similar to that of Henrich Evensen

The label on this photo states, "Duplicate of the sailing vessel of Capt. Henrich Evenson"

A Home in Risør, Norway

The label on this photo states, "Following graduation she [Serena] found employment in Risor in this home of a wealthy family. Here she met and married Henrick Evenson, a sea captain who owned his own ship."

Photo of Risør, Norway

The next four photos are relevant to Serena Evensen Gardner's history.

This photo is labeled as Risør, Norway. Serena went there at the age of fourteen to study from a priest. It was eight miles from her home.