Sunday, September 25, 2011

Serena Evensen Gardner family reunion: Photo

This photo is identified as having been taken near Serena's home in Leland, Utah, at a family reunion. I believe this was taken at the same reunion as the one in my last post, because everyone appears to be wearing the same clothing in both photos. Serena is the older woman seated at the far left.

Archibald and Serena Gardner Family Reunion, 1903: Photo

The Archibald and Serena Evensen Gardner family held a reunion in Leland, Utah in 1903. This photo was taken at the reunion. Serena is the older woman seated in the center of the photo.

Syrenus and Serena Gardner: Photo

This is a photo of Syrenus and Serena Gardner, twin children of Archibald and Serena Evensen Gardner.

Serena Evensen Gardner: Photo

Following is a photo of Serena Evensen Gardner, wife of Archibald. This photo was donated to the family collection by Delila Williams.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Children of Archibald and Laura Althea Gardner: Photo

This photo was taken of the children of Archibald and Laura Althea (Thompson) Gardner:

First row, left to right: George Delos Gardner, Lucia Adell (Gardner) Gardner, and Brigham Ozro Gardner

Second row, left to right: Ellen Janette (Gardner) Bennion and Wallace Ward Gardner

Ellen Janette and Laura Althea Gardner: Photo

Below is a photo of Nettie Gardner Bennion and her sister, Laura Althea. Laura died three months before her 14th birthday. These girls were the daughters of Archibald and Laura Althea.

Laura Althea Thompson Gardner: Photo

Laura Althea was a wife of Archibald Gardner.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rawsel Gardner Family: Photo

This is a family portrait of the Rawsel and Sophy Gardner family. Rawsel was a son of Archibald and Mary Ann (Bradford) Gardner.

The photo is labeled as follows:
Front row (left to right): David, Sofia, Rawsel, and Ida
Second row (left to right): Louie, Arch, Duncan, Clem, and Anne
Third row (left to right): Mark and Bob

There is a male in the second row that is not accounted for in the labeling, and I assume that one of them is Alfred Donald, twin of Royal Duncan. If anyone knows the correct order of the boys in the second row, please contact me. I would appreciate any help from family members who know.

Robert and Carrie (Andrus) Gardner: Photo

This is a photo of Robert Gardner, son of Archibald and Mary Ann (Bradford) Gardner, and Carrie (Andrus) Gardner.

Rebekah Gardner Gardner: Photo

Below is a photo of Heber Kimball Livingston Gardner, son of William and Janet (Livingston) Gardner, and Rebekah Gardner, daughter of Archibald and Mary Ann (Bradford) Gardner. This was taken for their 50th anniversary, which would have been 2 Sep 1930.

Margaret Livingston Gardner: Photo (2)

I have also located a better copy of the picture of Margaret that I posted last week. This one has also been cropped slightly, but it is clearly the same picture.

Archibald Gardner: Photo (2)

I have found another version of the photo of Archibald that I posted last week. It appears to be the same photo, but it has been cropped. It is better quality than the photocopy, but I would still like to find a good copy of the entire photo. If anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know.