Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brigham Livingston Gardner family: Photo

Debbie Anderson also shared this photo of Brigham Livingston Gardner's family.

Front row: Olive Pearl Gardner, Brigham Livingston Gardner, Lucia Adell (Gardner) Gardner, Alice Clair Gardner, Viola Jane Gardner, and Robert Dean Gardner

Back row: William Gardner, Margaret Ellen Gardner, Brigham Delos Gardner, and Janet Adell Gardner

Since Alice Clair is a baby, this photo appears to have been taken in 1896.

"Archie and girls" photo

Debbie Anderson, a Gardner relative, recently shared the following picture with me. I would enjoy receiving feedback from others who may have more information about the photo.

Archibald Gardner stands in the center, with Mary (Larsen) Gardner on the right. In front of Mary is her oldest son, Andrew Bruce Gardner. On the left is Lucia Adell (Gardner) Gardner, and I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure who the girl is who is standing in front of her. Based on ages, it appears that the younger girl could be Lucia's younger sister, Ellen Jeannette "Nettie" Gardner. Does anyone have pictures or knowledge to prove or disprove this identification?

Also, do you know who has possession of the original? This is a very low resolution scan, and I'd really like to obtain a better copy. Please let me know if you have any information to share. It appears this may have been taken around 1882? Andrew Bruce was my great grandfather.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Janet Livingston Gardner: Photo

Archibald Gardner's brother, William, married Janet Livingston, the sister of Archibald's first wife, Margaret Livingston. The following photo is Janet. I do not know the date or place of the photo.

I will continue posting family photos over time, and I would be happy to receive additional photos from anyone willing to share with the family.

Archibald Gardner to be inducted into the Afton Heritage Hall of Fame

The Gardner family has been notified that Archibald will be inducted into the Afton Heritage Hall of Fame later this year. For those who have not heard and/or would like to attend the induction, here is some additional information.

The following article was published in the Star Valley Independent on Tuesday, 26 Jan 2012, p. 7A:

The Afton Heritage Committee has selected three individuals to be inducted into the 2012 Afton Heritage Hall of Fame.

The Heritage Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 7, at 11 a.m. in the Afton Civic Center.

The 2012 Hall of Fame inductees include Elno Foss Draney, Archibald Gardner and Ben Nield.

. . .

Archibald Gardner, 1814-1902, was an 1847 pioneer and colonizer. After building countless mills, irrigation canals, and other projects in the Utah Territory, he came to Afton in 1889 and built a flour mill and sawmill in the mouth of Swift Creek Canyon.

The great motivating forces in his life were his deep sustaining faith, his charitable nature and concern for the needs of his fellowmen, and his pride and love for his numerous family.

George Osmond, President of the Star Valley Stake stated in 1902 stake conference that "no person who had ever entered Star Valley had done so much to assist its people or to build up the country as Archibald Gardner."

. . .

Descendants of Albert Page Dimond and Beatrice Gardner

To the descendants of Albert Page Dimond (1890-1965) and Beatrice Gardner (1890-1969):

Robert Taylor is interested in documenting all of the descendants of Henry Dimond (1829-1915) and Elizabeth Jane Webber (1822-1920), which would include your branch of the Gardner family. If you would like to assist him in this effort by providing information, please contact him at: rjtphysicist (at) [Note: replace (at) with the @ symbol.] He appreciates your help.