Saturday, January 9, 2010

Archibald's birth in Kilsyth, Scotland

Archibald Gardner was born in the mill house across the street from the Garrell Oat Mill in Kilsyth, Stirling, Scotland on 2 September 1814. His birth was recorded two years later in the Kilsyth parish registers, vol. 6, p. 108 (FHL #1,041,950 item 3).

Archibald's father, Robert Gardner, was renting the Garrell Mill from the Canal Company. Both the old stone mill and the mill house are still standing and are currently serving as private residences.

They are located just past the first curve in the Tak ma doon Road up the hill from Stirling Road. Water still runs in the mill race.


  1. Gardener Village is a great place to visit. Nice to learn more about the family.

  2. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the Garrel Mill in Kilsyth, Scotland. My great-grandparents were married at the mill in 1882.