Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Map of Kilsyth

Tonight, I have also created a Google Map of Kilsyth marking the places in the town that are mentioned by Archibald in his autobiography.


  1. Did you ever find the Black Bull Inn? Was that the name of the tavern across from the mill? Thanks,
    Sharon Gardner Miller

  2. Sharon, I'm not yet positive where the Black Bull Inn was. The Garrel Mill and the Garrel millhouse are directly across the street from each other in Kilsythe. Archibald's journal indicates that his father "kept a grocery store and tavern, the Black Bull Inn" early in his married life. The first three children in the family were born in Lanark, and I've located more than one Black Bull Inn. If I am able to determine which one was kept by Robert, I'll certainly blog about it! Thanks for your interest.