Saturday, April 3, 2010

Archibald married Margaret Livingston

Archibald shared several stories about his courtship years, and he told of falling in love a number of times and even proposing to several girls. Before he started building the grist mill in Brooke Township, he had the opportunity to meet Margaret Livingston. They visited for about five minutes, and then she left for her work in Detroit. He was so taken with her that he walked 110 miles through snow 16 inches deep to see her. They visited at the gate of her work, but she was not permitted to leave or make other arrangements to see him. In frustration, Archibald went back home.(1)

After finishing the grist mill and working to pay off his debts in 1838, Archibald "sent to Detroit" for Margaret. He then says simply, "She came and I married, February 19, 1839, my little Highland Scotch lassie."(2) I have forever been amazed, not only that he would send for her after these two brief meetings, but also that she came. I guess some things are just meant to be.

Attached is an image of Archibald and Margaret's marriage record. It is located in the London District Marriage Register, Record Group 8, Series 1-6-A, Vol. 16 (1833-55), p. 99 (FHL #1,030,053).

1. Delila Gardner Hughes, The Life of Archibald Gardner (West Jordan, Utah: Alpine Publishing Co., 1939), 21.

2. Hughes, The Life of Archibald Gardner, 21.

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