Thursday, September 2, 2010

WWII Veteran Information Needed

I received the following request from Geoff Hatch and am passing it on in case anyone reading this blog can help.

"I am currently working with the Gale History Center to collect the stories of WWII veterans from the South Salt Lake Valley area. I am looking for oral histories of these individuals from the time leading up to WWII, through their service in the War and their lives immediately after the war. If you know of any living relatives that may have the information I am looking for who would be willing to share what they have, would you please forward my name and contact numbers."

Geoff is looking for information on the following Gardners:

Brigham Riggs Gardner
Edwin Ford Gardner
Jane Elizabeth Gardner (Finlayson)
John Riggs Gardner
Clinton Riggs Gardner
Russell F. Gardner
Sherman B. Gardner
Shields R. Gardner
William Sheldon Gardner

If you have any information that might be helpful, please contact Geoff directly at:


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