Friday, March 4, 2011

Archibald Gardner: 1870 Census

By the time the 1870 census was taken, several of Archibald's wives were no longer with him. Mary Ann Bradford Gardner had died in 1864, and the census supports the family tradition that Mary Ann's children were raised by Elizabeth Eleanor Lewis during this time period. Sarah Jane Hamilton had divorced him and married Samuel Howard, and Harriet Armitage had divorced him and remarried her first husband, Henry Larter. The remainder of the family was listed together in West Jordan, Utah, except for Serena, who was enumerated in Spanish Fork. It is interesting that the wives were not listed by their maiden names this time, but they were all listed as Gardners. Fanny, the Indian girl, was enumerated in Althea's household. (1870 U.S. Census of West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, p. 535, families 1-7)

Below is the record of Serena and her family. (U.S. Census of Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, p. 308, family 54)

It's unfortunate that the writing is somewhat faint for this census, as well as the fact that the images are blurred at and Historical Records. It looks like they may have both been scanned from the same blurry microfilm. The above images were located at


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