Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jane Park Gardner and Serena Torjussen Gardner: 1910 Census

In my last post, I mentioned that Mary Larsen survived Archibald, and I presented the census records to the end of her life. In addition to Mary, Jane and Serena were also widows of Archibald. They were both enumerated in the 1910 census of Utah. Jane was enumerated in Salt Lake County and was shown living with her children, Reuben and Delila. (1910 U.S. Census of Salt Lake County, Utah, ED #89, Sheet 27A, p. 191)

Serena was living in Spanish Fork with her son Erastus in 1910. He was her youngest son from her first marriage, and although his surname was Evensen, he was listed as Erastus Gardner because his mother's surname was dittoed. Unfortunately, this page of the census appears to have been water damaged, and it is a little difficult to read. (1910 U.S. Census of Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, ED #199, Sheet 8A, p. 173)

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