Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rawsel Gardner Family: Photo

This is a family portrait of the Rawsel and Sophy Gardner family. Rawsel was a son of Archibald and Mary Ann (Bradford) Gardner.

The photo is labeled as follows:
Front row (left to right): David, Sofia, Rawsel, and Ida
Second row (left to right): Louie, Arch, Duncan, Clem, and Anne
Third row (left to right): Mark and Bob

There is a male in the second row that is not accounted for in the labeling, and I assume that one of them is Alfred Donald, twin of Royal Duncan. If anyone knows the correct order of the boys in the second row, please contact me. I would appreciate any help from family members who know.


  1. You idientify only one female in the second row. There are three. You also say there is an unidentified male in the second row, but you identify all three.

  2. I believe Louie is Sophy Louisa, Clem is Clemmis Caroline, and Anne is Mary Ann. That leaves Arch, Duncan, and (?). I believe the missing name is Alfred Donald, but I'm not familiar enough with this family to know which one of the three is him. Does anyone know?