Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brigham Livingston Gardner family: Photo

Debbie Anderson also shared this photo of Brigham Livingston Gardner's family.

Front row: Olive Pearl Gardner, Brigham Livingston Gardner, Lucia Adell (Gardner) Gardner, Alice Clair Gardner, Viola Jane Gardner, and Robert Dean Gardner

Back row: William Gardner, Margaret Ellen Gardner, Brigham Delos Gardner, and Janet Adell Gardner

Since Alice Clair is a baby, this photo appears to have been taken in 1896.


  1. The pictures are worth a thousand words!

  2. What wonderful pictures you have to share of your pioneer ancestors. They are invaluable now.

  3. That is so many children in such scarce times. What an industrious man Garder was to be able to maintain a family that size. I would like to see his 7th wife Serena and her children