Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Archie and girls" photo

Debbie Anderson, a Gardner relative, recently shared the following picture with me. I would enjoy receiving feedback from others who may have more information about the photo.

Archibald Gardner stands in the center, with Mary (Larsen) Gardner on the right. In front of Mary is her oldest son, Andrew Bruce Gardner. On the left is Lucia Adell (Gardner) Gardner, and I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure who the girl is who is standing in front of her. Based on ages, it appears that the younger girl could be Lucia's younger sister, Ellen Jeannette "Nettie" Gardner. Does anyone have pictures or knowledge to prove or disprove this identification?

Also, do you know who has possession of the original? This is a very low resolution scan, and I'd really like to obtain a better copy. Please let me know if you have any information to share. It appears this may have been taken around 1882? Andrew Bruce was my great grandfather.


  1. The man in the middle is Archibald Gardner. The woman in the left is identified as Lucia Adell Gardner--daughter of Laura Althea Thompson Gardner and Archie. The woman on the right is identified as Mary Larsen Gardner. I think that is wrong. Mary would have been about 30 years old at the time this was taken. The woman on the right is far older than that. Mary was short, but very plump. Plus.... the woman looks like Laura Althea. I think it is Laura Althea. They identify the boy as Andrew Bruce Gardner, born in 1874--son of Archie and Mary. I am going to guess that it is not Andrew Bruce, but Wallace Ward, also born in 1874--son of Archie and Laura Althea. And that the younger girl is Ellen Jannett, born in 1865--daughter of Archie and Laura Althea....????

  2. This picture appears in a printed family history given to Franklin R. Gardner (my grandfather) on his 80th birthday in 1968. The history was compiled and written in 1967 by Marian Gardner Fluckiger and Lillian Gardner Widdison who was the daughter of Mary Larsen Gardner and Archibald Gardner. Lillian was still living at the time. The caption on the picture reads: "Archibald Gardner and Children (Taken in Star Valley probably in the 1890's). Adell (Dellie) Gardner, Elizabeth Gardner Turner, Lillian Gardner Widdison, Frank R. Gardner." So the two in front are Lillian Elnora Gardner and Franklin Richards Gardner. We scanned the picture and it is at least lighter than yours. Would you like us to send it to you?

    1. You mention you have a lighter better copy? I would love one. The one here was from my collection and I see from reading these comments that the person who gave it to me had the names wrong. My husband descends thru Adell on his fathers side and Elizabeth Gardner Turner on his mothers side.

      Debbie Anderson

    2. Yes, if you have a better copy, I would definitely be interested.

  3. Unknown's information fits with what I have been told. My grandmother was the granddaughter of Elizabeth Gardner Turner and she showed me this photo when I was a child telling me it was a picture of her Grandmother Turner with her Great-grandfather Archibald Gardner, though she did not know who the others in the photo were. Elizabeth Gardner Turner would have been about 32 if this was taken about 1882 so (based only on how old she appears to me here)I would guess this photo is taken closer to 1890 or 1895. I have no other documentation about this photo, but my grandmother did know her grandmother personally. She was 15 when her grandmother died.